Taekwondo Europe’s Instructor Squad kicks off next week!

As of next week, 6 April, Taekwondo Europe will for the first time offer online classes for our athletes. Our own stars Jade Jones, Bianca Walkden, Vanja Stankovic, Aaron Cook, Jaouad Achab and Jesus Tortosa Cabrera need no introduction and already confirmed to Taekwondo Europe that they are happy to join the Taekwondo Europe Instructor’s Squad!

On a regular basis, the online classes can be followed by our athletes. Either via the Youtube channel of our Instructor’s Squad or live via Facebook you will be able to follow a Taekwondo class online. In these difficult times, our athletes want to give you to opportunity to stay active and practice taekwondo in your house! Please stay safe, follow the instructions from your health authorities and practice taekwondo at home