Taekwondo Europe partners up with MAS Taekwondo

A partnership that extends boundaries and creates new opportunities!
Taekwondo Europe and MAS Taekwondo will start to work together on a different number of areas. The extensive (social) media distribution channels of MAS TKD and the innovative Taekwondo Europe’s approach to the sport is key to this new cooperation.

The 1st Online Daedo Open European Poomsae Championships is an example of where Taekwondo Europe and MAS Taekwondo will work together. The event will be live broadcasted via the MAS Taekwondo social media channels: it will be simultaneously live broadcasted on the internet via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
But also, the Taekwondo Europe Instructors Squad is an excellent example of our cooperation.
The online classes are broadcasted via the social media channels of MAS Taekwondo and due to the interactive nature, athletes from around the world have the possibility to join the classes, ask live questions and get feedback!
Once the Corona COVID-19 virus outbreak has ended and our regular events will start again, Taekwondo Europe and MAS Taekwondo will continue their cooperation at the Taekwondo Europe’s events. Follow our Facebook page and website for updates!