Mr. Schramm appointed Chairman of WTE TV & Media Committee

Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos has appointed Mr. Edmund Schramm as Chairman of the WTE TV and Media Committee. Along with the rest of the committee members, Mr. Schramm’s overall responsibility engage the development of TV and Media policy within Taekwondo Europe.
The composition of the committee is completed with Mr. Edmund Schramm as Chairman and Ms. Lisa Lents as Vice-Chairman, while the rest of the committee members are expected to be nominated promptly.
One of the primal duties of the committee is to prepare the Terms of Reference , in which the mandate of the Committee will be described and will be proposed for approval by WTE.
Taekwondo Europe congratulates Mr. Schramm on his appointment and cordially wishes him a prosperous journey within Taekwondo Family and his new role.