Message of the President on Covid19 pandemic

Addressing to Taekwondo Europe MNAs, the athletes and the entire taekwondo family, Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos correspoded:


” Following the current situation amid the Covid19 pandemic outbreak across Europe, I would like to express my sincere compassion to all of the MNAs together and to the situation that each country battles with, individually. 

Taekwondo Europe understands that these are trying times and recognizes the impact of the coronavirus to our MNAs, our athletes, and the entire taekwondo family.


As it has been announced, all the upcoming taekwondo events have been postponed or canceled in compliance to all efforts to confine and limit the spread of this pandemic outbreak, therefore, I appreciate your understanding and support in this crisis.

Nevertheless, first and foremost at this emergency, our top priority must be to ensure the health and safety – first of ourselves – so then to be capable to help and assist our fellows, our athletes and communities.

Hence, it is of critical importance to follow and encourage the national pandemic emergency policies that have been established across all countries of Europe.

I urge you to stay informed by checking with the Taekwondo Europe website for any updates regarding WTE. 


My thoughts are always with you and our athletes. Remember to remind yourselves, your families, athletes, coaches, and everyone to be vigilant about washing their hands and stay home as much as possible, because health and safety comes first in such situations. “


Taekwondo Europe stands along with all its MNAs and athletes, encouraging for positve thoughts and ‘Taekwondo strong’ when all this shall pass.