Interview with Olympic Champion Vito Dell’Aquila from Italy

Congratulations with your amazing result!! We saw you in Bari 2019 winning European gold and we knew back then that we had to remember you in the journey to the Olympics.

Question 1:

Yesterday was an amazing day for you and for Italy. Can you take us with you on how you experienced the day?


I am usually anxious when I have a competition but this time I was really calm. I told myself that Olympics is a competition like the others. Only the outline is different. I felt like it was a Grand Prix and not an Olympics.

Question 2:

Can you look back with us to let’s say the last year. Italy was struck very hard with the terrible corona covid-19 virus. How did you manage to prepare yourself? Can you tell us what you did and how your days in lockdown looked like?


I used to train during lockdown, really hard but 2020 was really hard mentally because we lost our hobbies, it was a boring year and there was lack of motivation because of absence of competitions. But I trained every day because I really love Taekwondo!

Question 3:

Finally, and maybe this question comes to early, but how do you see the future? What are your plans for after the Olympics?


I want to attend University and study to become Sports journalist and of course I want to go to Paris, so I’ll start training early because I love Taekwondo and I have other goals, like winning Grand Prixs and World Championships.