Interview with Adriana Cerezo Inglesias, Olympic Silver medalist!

Adriana, you have really inspired so many young athletes in Europe with your amazing silver medal result in Tokyo! Congratulations!! For us, you are definitely not unknown and many of us saw your performance in the last years.

Adriana during several moments at the Tokyo Olympics! 

Question 1:

You have shown that you are extremely talented and you had some amazing results at our European Championships in the last years. Everybody with Taekwondo knowledge knew that you definitely were a medal candidate. Can you tell us if you felt any pressure because of your success in the past years? Were you never afraid of going as a 17-year-old to the Olympics?


Not at all, at no time have I felt any kind of pressure, on the contrary, here I had nothing to lose, obviously I was coming for the gold medal but above all I came to enjoy what it means to be in the Olympic Games 

Question 2:

Only fellow medalists at Olympics share this special feeling of winning a medal at the Olympics. Can you explain to us what you felt when you received your silver medal and what went trough your mind?


Well, the medal ceremony was very close to the final and I still had in my head that I had let the gold slip away but once I got on the podium and I saw the people of Spain who were there with me smiling and giving me the congratulations because I already started to enjoy a little of what we had achieved.

Question 3:

Finally, we followed you on facebook and your coaches Jesus Ramlal and Suvi Mikkonen and also the Spanish team coaches supported you from beginning to end. Can you share with us how your team prepared you after qualifying for the Olympics till yesterday when you won the silver medal?


Well, I have been lucky enough to be able to do all the preparation with my coach Jesús Ramal and my teammates from the Hankuk club. We have not done anything special or anything different from what we would have done any other normal summer, the only thing that a slightly more marked objective, we have done training concentrations in different places (Great Britain and Tenerife). I have been very lucky to be able to enjoy the whole process and I think that is what has been able to make the difference to be able to live to the 100 % this experience.