G4 World Taekwondo Women’s Open Championships to take place in Riyadh

Over the years, World Taekwondo has been actively promoting gender equality and equity, such as the meaningful partnership with the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee for the 1st World Taekwondo Gender Equity Forum in November 2020.This year, WT extends this partnership with Saudi Arabia for the Riyadh 2021 World Taekwondo Women’s Open Championships. I am very excited at the prospect of organising this new G-4 event, which has been two years in discussion. Its believed that the women’s championships will help promote gender equality, especially in the Middle East region. The G4 event is open for all women and they can compete in 8 medal events, grabbing 40 points for the gold medalists. For more information, check the outline and register at;


Official Invitation and Outline