Day 6 Semi-Final Official Results!!

Who are the Top 8 from today’s Divisions?? Who is moving on to the finals?? Find out here!

Today, the last day of semi-final competition, we had nearly 320 athletes compete for a spot in the Finals…and 96 remain after another tough day of competition. The Top 8 from each Division will advance to the Finals tomorrow! We are grateful to the IRs who have a tough role to play, and to the many fans from across the world cheering everyone on!

We have ALL Day 6 Divisions in the Day 6 Official Results folder for you:

• Kids 1 Color belt Male
• Kids 2 Color belt Female
• Kids 2 Color belt Male
• Kids 3 Black belt Male
• Kids 3 Black belt Female
• Cadets Color belt Female
• Cadet Black belt Male
• Junior Male
• U40 Female
• U50 Male
• U60 Female
• U60 Male

As before, each Division has two different types of sheets (RAW SCORES and RANKING).

The RAW SCORES sheets include detailed scores for each athlete in order of performance. Please note the order on the RAW SCORES pages will be different than the order shown on the RANKING page, because the ranking is based on result and the RAW SCORES are listed in order of performance.

The RANKING sheets identify the athletes in order of ranked result, and those athletes labeled with the letter “Q” on the far-right column have qualified and will advance to the finals!

Thank you once again for helping make this an incredible event! Please help us in thanking your parents, loved ones, coaches, and support/cheering team for helping make this happen…Congratulations and best of luck to our Finalists!…