Day 4 Official Results Are Here!!

Same day results are in from Day 4, our last day of preliminary rounds…!! Let us first thank the athletes who competed today…it was another big day of competition – nearly 300 athletes competed today, vying to secure a spot in the semi-final rounds. We are so grateful to all of our athletes from around the world who have made this competition so amazing!! Thank you also to our IRs and to all of the fans who watched and cheered on their athletes!

Attached to this post is a link to Day 4 Results Folder. From here, you will find files containing Day 4 Complete Results and Results by Division.

These results include the following Divisions and Groups:
• Cadet Color belt Male
• U40 Female
• Kids 3 Black belt Female
• U50 Female
• Kids 3 Black belt Male
• U60 Male
• Cadet Black belt Male

If needed, please refer to the Day 4 Draw Sheets for determining which Group you were drawn in. The Groups also correspond to the Rings, so if you know your Ring but not your Group, here is a reference:
• Ring 1 = Group A
• Ring 2 = Group B
• Ring 3 = Group A, C
• Ring 4 = Group B, D

Each Group within each Division will have two different types of sheets (RAW SCORES and RANKING).

The RAW SCORES sheets include detailed scores for each athlete in order of performance. If there is a “DSQ” this means the athlete either did not submit a video, posted a flag in the background that was not an approved country flag, submitted a private YouTube video, uniform incorrect, or perhaps incorrect belt color in division. Please note the order on the RAW SCORES pages will be different than the order shown on the RANKING page, because the ranking is based on result and the RAW SCORES are listed in order of performance.

The RANKING sheets identify the athletes in order of ranked result, and those athletes labeled with the letter “Q” on the far-right column have qualified and will advance to the semi-final round which occurs later this week! For athletes who are advancing to the semi-final round, draw sheets will be posted on our fb page the day prior to each Division’s Semi-final round later this week.

Thank you once again for helping make this an incredible event! Don’t forget to thank your parents, loved ones, coaches, and support/cheering team for helping make this happen…Congratulations and let’s move on to the Semi-finals!…