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First ETU Referee selection camp 2022

      ETU INTERNATIONAL REFEREE TRAINING CAMP   PROMOTER European Taekwondo Union Hofestatt 13, D-57439 Attendorn Germany   ORGANIZER Russian Taekwondo Union 8, Luzhnetskaya Nab. Moscow, Russia 119871   ABOUT ETU will host the 2022 ETU Referee Training Camp. During this training camp, the Referees will be instructed and trained by ETU’s Referee Chairman […]

International Workshop!!

In this educational platform, we are targeting all IRs in Europe. World Taekwondo Europe Referee Committee will hold WTE IR Workshop from 18 – 22 May 2020. Mr. Chakir Chelbat, Referee Chairman Taekwondo Europe together with WTE Technical Director Mr Usman Dildar will also teach in the workshop. Please be informed that the Seminar will […]

Referee Seminar for European National Referees

🇪🇺 #WTE #MASTKD 👉🏻 Referee Seminar for European National Referees 🔗…/referee-seminar-for-european-nation…/ 📚 In this educational course, Mr. Chakir Chelbat, Referee Chairman Taekwondo Europe, will cover the WT Competition Rules, the regulation and interpretation of the rules, and more topics of interest in the path to become an International Referee. Don’t miss the chance to learn from the WTE Referee […]

Instructor’s Squad kicks off Thursday 9 April at 13:00 CET.

World Champion and 3 times European Champion Jaouad Achab will kick of as Taekwondo Europe’s Instructor’s Squad with the first online training session. The session starts at 13:00 CET an can be followed live at: The first Poomsae training session by Jol van der Weide will air at Saturday 11 April at 15:00 CET. Follow […]