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Taekwondo Europe’s Instructor’s Squad complete!

Jade Jones, Bianca Walkden, Aaron Cook, Jaouad Achab, Vanja Stankovic, Jesus Tortosa Cabrera, Youssef Karami and Joël van der Weide are the proud members of Taekwondo Europe’s Instructor’s Squad! They will start with online kyurogi and poomsae training shortly. Our own stars will provide during the next few weeks online classes for you to practice […]

Taekwondo Europe’s Instructor Squad kicks off next week!

As of next week, 6 April, Taekwondo Europe will for the first time offer online classes for our athletes. Our own stars Jade Jones, Bianca Walkden, Vanja Stankovic, Aaron Cook, Jaouad Achab and Jesus Tortosa Cabrera need no introduction and already confirmed to Taekwondo Europe that they are happy to join the Taekwondo Europe Instructor’s […]

Taekwondo Europe hosts 1st Online Daedo Open European Poomsae Championships

For the first time in its history Taekwondo Europe hosts an online Poomsae event. The whole world can participate. Sakis Pragalos, President of Taekwondo Europe comments: “This global crisis has hit multiple countries hard. We hope that the virus will quickly be exterminated and that a vaccine is available soon. In the meantime, we want […]

Message of the President on Covid19 pandemic

Addressing to Taekwondo Europe MNAs, the athletes and the entire taekwondo family, Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos correspoded:   ” Following the current situation amid the Covid19 pandemic outbreak across Europe, I would like to express my sincere compassion to all of the MNAs together and to the situation that each country battles with, individually.  […]

Breaking news: EQT postponed!

Based on the recent developments concerning the outbreak of the Corona COVID-19 virus, President Pragalos of Taekwondo Europe has decided to postpone the European Qualification Tournament scheduled in Moscow. Non-essential events were already postponed by Taekwondo Europe but due to the recently taken restrictive measures of the Russian government and thus limiting access to Russia […]

Taekwondo Europe postpones all non-essential events in March, April and May

The Open European Para Championships, European Club Championships and the G4European Championships (Seniors) are being postponed by Taekwondo Europe. The number of infected persons with the Corona COVID-19 virus rises every day and governments are taking measures to contain the virus. The reason for the postponement of the above mentioned non-essential events is the unpredictable nature […]

EQT relocation to Moscow: Updates

In the recent days, the Russian authorities have issued restricting measures concerning the entrance of persons from Corona COVID-19 infected areas. Currently, Taekwondo Europe is in close contact with the Russian Taekwondo Union in order to examine the consequences of these measures for teams participating at the EQT. As soon as there is more news […]

EQT relocated to Moscow

After due consideration and in close cooperation with the Italian Taekwondo Federation FITA, Taekwondo Europe decided to relocate the European Qualification Tournament for the Olympics and Paralympics. Based on the Administrative Order of the Italian Government of 4 March 2020, Taekwondo Europe saw no other option than to relocate the event. The event will now […]